Case Study: How Jalissa Scaled Her Business With The Ultimate Branding Experience



Client: Jalissa T.

Business: Bleu Luxe Marketing

Industry: Social Media Marketing

Jalissa came to me at the start of her business after she decided to open a social media marketing agency. She was ready to up-level her business and create a brand identity for Bleu Luxe Marketing.

Jalissa’s challenge was bringing her vision of a brand to life and convey the right message to her audience. Her idea of her brand consisted of creativity, innovation and a modern look.


Jalissa and I came up with the game plan to create a visual identity and online presence that represented her brand. We worked together for a month on developing the perfect look.

The result of her experience opened Jalissa to understand the brand process and enlighten her along the way. Jalissa felt very uncertain about the investment and how to move her brand forward at first. However, she felt the result helped identify the look she wanted her brand to represent.


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